Upcoming Events


September 9, 2019: Ambulance Crew Meeting  630 PM

Sept 16: Day in the Park Activity: Adaptive Park and Rec

October 14, 2019:  Ambulance Crew Meeting  630 PM

Novermber 11, 2019:  Ambulance Crew Meeting  630 PM

Fast Facts

- Eyota EMS is an all volunteer ambulance crew

- Serves this community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without fail. They are your neighbors, friends, church members, and families.

- Eyota EMS covers over 130 square miles of SE Minnesota, including many busy roadways, 2 cities, 9 townships, a large County park, and many acres of rural landscape. Whether it's a trama, accident, farm injury or medical emergency, we're there.

- Eyota EMT's are not only State Certified but to also Nationally Certified. This means you benefit from their skills and additional training.

-Our drivers are certified to drive emergency vehicles. Our drivers are also fantastic resources on emrgency calls as part of our team.


 "As the Director I can attest that this groups is remarkable in every way. They are true citizens and selfless volunteers." -Dr. Christopher Arendt 

The Star of Life





Eyota Volunteer Ambulance Service welcomes you to our web site. Within this site you will find links to pages about us, our mission, history, educational offerings and tools for crew members to actively participate in the service (calendars, scheduling, minutes, agenda and events). 


We strive to ensure our communities and the people visiting or passing through are cared for with respect, integrity, and above all, compassion.


 Check back often, and consider adding us to your favorite links. We will post new content regularly and help keep you informed about Emergency Response and how you can help protect those around you.


Join Us! Become an Eyota Ambulance PEEP!


We are currently accepting application and interviews to be on our amazing crew. Consider joining, whether EMR, EMT, Nurse, or wanting more info on classes or training to become a member on our team. Call Director Chris or, submit a "CONTACT US" message on this web site. We'll get back to you ASAP.


Try something new and life changing!




 JOIN us for  BAKE Sale

Quincy Township has offered to host a giant Bake Sale to support the Ambulance Service.  Dates and times to be announced soon.