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Dec 10, 2018: Ambulance Crew Meeting, 7PM , Arendt Hall, Eyota Ambulance Station: Cardiac Scenarios training

Fast Facts

- Eyota EMS is an all volunteer ambulance crew

- Serves this community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without fail. They are your neighbors, friends, church members, and families.

- Eyota EMS covers over 130 square miles of SE Minnesota, including many busy roadways, 2 cities, 9 townships, a large County park, and many acres of rural landscape. Whether it's a trama, accident, farm injury or medical emergency, we're there.

- Eyota EMT's are not only State Certified but to also Nationally Certified. This means you benefit from their skills and additional training.

-Our drivers are certified to drive emergency vehicles. Our drivers are also fantastic resources on emrgency calls as part of our team.


 "As the Director I can attest that this groups is remarkable in every way. They are true citizens and selfless volunteers." -Dr. Christopher Arendt 

The Star of Life




Founded in 1976 as part of the Eyota Volunteer Fire Department, Eyota EMS emerged in 1991 as a Department of the City of Eyota, located in SE Minnesota.

Renewed interest in the ambulance service occured by community members, as the result of dwindeling recruitment, tight budget cuts and threats of dissolution of this vital community service. This resulted in formation of an independent Board of Directors and transfer of the Ambulance service license to a "non-profit" status in 1994.


Coverage Areas and Services

The Ambulance service is recognized as an instrumentality of of the city, vital to public safety, and is afforded municipal status by the League of Minnesota Cities.

The Board members represent the communities we serve. They include; the City of Dover, Dover Township, City of Eyota, Eyota Township, Haverhill Township, Quincy Township, Marion Township, Viola Township, representing nearly 120 square miles of coverage area. Also included in our coverage area are sections of Orion, Elmira and Pleasant Grove.

Several major highways including US Interstate 90 are serviced by Eyota Volunteer Ambulance Service.

Today we are an All Volunteer, Non-Profit 501c organization.  We are a part of the SE Minnesota Consortium (www.SEEMS.COM) with a medical director, director of operations, treasurer and secretary. Volunteers maintain the mechanical function of the ambulance, staffing, scheduling, stocking, billing and training.  We operate on an annual budget of $65,000 with monies coming from regional per-capital assessments, donations, and fees we collect from insurance providers.  All monies support the service mission of providing state of the art emergency stabilization and transport care and community wellness outreach.

The monthly meeting on the 2nd Monday of every month starting at 7 PM CST is attended by crew members. Administrative agendas and education are provided at each meeting.  Continuing education is provided at every meeting.

The Board of Directors meets twice a year, typically the 3rd Sunday in January and the 3rd Sunday in June.

Contact Christopher or Vicki Arendt for more information. 507-545-2868


Basic Life Support

AED/CPR/Medical Aid

Medication Variances

Advanced Airways and Oxygen support

The latest in safe, patient transfer, and transport technologies

Blood Pressure and Reflectance Meter Glucose Testing [CLIA lab Lincensed]

Storm Spotters, recognized by the LaCrosse Wis. National Weather Center. We are dispatched whenever severe weather approaches our region of the State to aid in storm identification, severity gauging and advanced warning to the community.

Instruction in First Aid, AHA Certified CPR, Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) training, Babysitter First Aid, Infant Car Seat Safety, Blood Born Pathogen, FIT Testing, and a host of other programs to community members such as:

Bus Drivers

Teachers (Highschool and grade school)

Day Care providers

Community Education Programs

Fire Department


Community outreach, school functions and festivals

Viola Gopher Count (Fun-Run, Parade and Fireworks)

Eyota Days (Parade and Annual Chicken BBQ Fundraiser)

Eyota: National Night Out

Dover-Eyota Eagles Varsity Football Support

Chester Woods: Day in the Park ; Polar Plunge; Bi and Tri-athelon activities

Rochesterfest; Day on the Farm

Rochester Airport: FAA /NTSB Tri-annual training

Dover-Eyota Athletic Department Specialty Activities

Dover-Eyota School Mock Event; Alcohol Awareness multiagency drill





Through the Years



   Eyota EMS Crew 1993



 Eyota EMS Crew June 2010





Eyota EMS Crew June 2012



Eyota EMS Crew December 2014



Eyota EMS Crew 2016



  Eyota EMS Crew 2018






Who We Are...

..we are your neighbors, friends, and community members. We come from all walks of life; mechanics, janitors, pharmacists, nurses, bankers, mothers, security personnel, safety professions, farmers, aid workers, educators, phlebotomists, students, retail professionals, computer programmers, and grocers just to name a few.  We look after our communities safety, not because we have too, but because we want too.  We recognize the importance of someone being there to help anytime, day or night, without fail, we are here to help. 

What We Offer...

 Eyota Volunteer Ambulance Service offers 24 hour a day Emergency Medical Services coverage to multiple communities, roadways and regions in SE Minnesota. We represent rural EMS and front line response to 911 dispatched emergencies.